Design Services

Sections: wants you to be successful in creating a realistic budget for your playground purchase that includes the five most common categories of expenses: Equipment, Installation, Surfacing, Basic Ground Preparation, Delivery.

Color Renderings

Of course our structures come in a wide variety of fun colors, but if you want to make the structure unique to your area you can choose your own. Whether the slide, roof or climber – our designers will change the color of any component on the play system you choose to match your preference.

Structure Revisions

So you’ve already chosen your playground but you decide you want another slide instead of a climber, or you need to move things around to make it fit in your area. Our designers will revise the structure to best fit your needs and space.

Custom Structures

If you bring the idea, we’ll make it come alive. If you have a certain theme or idea for a structure our designers will use our components to execute your vision and design it from the ground up.

Site Plans

To make sure your structure will properly fit the designated area the de-signers will create a visual layout based on the site’s measurements. It will show how the structure will fit in the space to ensure that installation will go as smooth as possible. These renderings are commonly 2D images, but they can also create 3D as needed.